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Napkins series A

Napkins series A


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This Series A napkin collection will be the hit of the party with 25 different hilarious Toe's Town comics in each package.

 Napkin's included:

Push-Up Bra, Fire Hydrant's Worst Nightmare, Bovine Bikini, Frank Comes Out Of His Shell, One Nightstand, No More Gnorfs, Pushing The Envelope, Bat S--T Crazy, Crack Of Don, The Screwcorks, Miss Nomer, Minstrel Cramps, Burned Out Flasher, Rude Beggar, Moses Parts The Livingroom, I've Had it With Carbs, Bean Dip, Large Hawaiian, Bi Polar, Retina Scanner, Neighbours for Dinner, 10000 ft Bio Break, Damn it's Wednesday, Stop Talking About Your Work Larry, Stool Softner.


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