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Napkins Series B

Napkins Series B


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This Series B napkin collection will be the hit of the party with 25 different hilarious Toe's Town comics in each package.

Size 10x10

Napkins included:

Lies have Consequences, Cone of Shame, Pea Nuts, Potty Mouth, Plungers Impressive Resume, Phlegmboyant, Outhouse For Sale, Marshmallo Prostate Exam, Bad Reeds, Missing Piece of the Puzzle, Sea Enema's, Heavy Pete, Fender Bender, High Steaks, Steady Stream, Best Manure Money Can Buy, My Water Just Broke, Periodic Table, Mantis Baby Shower, Jab Jab Uppercut, Laser Mole Removal, A Crack Team, Long in the Tooth, Tongue Depressor, Bottom Feeders.

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